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Core Aeration

A healthy, well maintained lawn should receive a core aeration treatment at least once a year! We offer free quotes for our lawn aeration services and make it easy to schedule your service.

Core aeration in Cape Cod

Cape Cod’s Best Core Aeration Service

Core aeration is a kind of lawn aeration by which a piece of machinery called a lawn aerator removes pieces of thatch and soil from a lawn. Core aeration lessens soil compaction, making a passage through which water, nutrients, and oxygen can enter the ground. Think about the soil beneath a healthy lawn. It is soil covered with groups of air pockets. Oxygen goes through these pockets. That’s the critical thing to remember. Just because roots are underground doesn’t mean they aren’t supposed to breathe. But it's not just about oxygen going down into the ground. The roots of your grass also require water and other nutrients you are contributing when fertilizing your lawn. Think about the soil under your grass that is doing poorly. Instead of being soft enough for water, nutrients, and oxygen to go through it (down to the grassroots), the ground is hard. Also, it could be covered with a solid layer of thatch, making it even more rigid. Your lawn is begging for core aeration.

Why Aeration?

For cool-season grasses, do core aeration in the beginning part of fall. For warm-season grasses, the time usually suggested for core aeration is the middle of spring to the beginning of summer. Aeration is the top way to have that lush, thick lawn you desire. Eliminating little pieces of turf breaks into the thatch, the sheet of dead grass that develops in your yard. That lets more oxygen, fertilizer, and water get into the roots of your lawn. The result is your lawn receives what it needs to grow healthier and stronger. Request lawn aeration if you see water puddles or bare/thin patches in your yard after it rains.

Expert Aeration Services

We have a higher aeration success rate because we use the latest equipment in lawn aeration, giving us a more accurate look at the condition of the soil under your lawn. Deciding if a lawn needs aeration or not can be complicated. With our contractors, the key elements that determine the need for providing lawn aeration are:

  • Is the lawn thick, healthy, and full without bare areas?
  • Is there a layer of thatch? 
  • When watering, does the soil grasp the water or does it puddle and drain off?
  • Are there spots in the lawn where grass just doesn’t grow?
  • Is there a history of lawn disease?
  • Are there areas of the lawn that see frequent traffic from people or pets?
  • Is the soil cracked?

These sorts of questions can help establish how often your lawn needs aeration.

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