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Disease Control

Just like you or your pets your lawn is a living thing and needs to be protected from diseases common with lawns. Since 1979, The Lawn Company has been providing the best lawn care service in the Cape Cod area.

Plant Disease Control in Cape Cod

What is Disease Control Service and Do I Need It?

The existence of lawn diseases is usually a telling sign of the complete health of your lawn. Maintenance practices and environmental factors that you are using may be a factor in encouraging these diseases. These diseases typically infect a stressed plant. Fungicides destroy the damaging fungi’s effects. However, they also destroy the beneficial fungi. Excessive feeding and watering will diminish the turf root system. Fungicides and herbicides damage the soil’s life. Both effects let pathogens get the upper hand. Additionally, repeated low mowing strains the grass. You can deal with numerous turf diseases by using the right techniques.  

Your Plant Doctor

You might not know this, but like you, lawns can become ill. Regardless if it’s a lawn insect or lawn disease issue, we have the solution for you. Schedule a lawn disease control service consultation with us. As with any DIY job, there are limitations. Yes, there are lots of lawn disease and insect chemical products available on the market, as well as online guides to help you through your attempt. Knowing what information is right is not so easy to discover. Furthermore, as with all instances in which dealing with chemical products are involved, there is frequently the concern of misuse and mishandling.  Not using the chemicals correctly not only puts your health in jeopardy but the health of those you love. If you see rings, thinning grass, or patches, you might have a problem that requires plant disease control, grass disease control, or tree disease control. With us, our experts will correctly diagnose the issue and begin treatment immediately. 

Why Hire Us?

A specific plan will be meticulously created to target your lawn’s particular disease. Our specialists will provide either a curative or preventive treatment, depending on how bad your lawn disease issue is. Cape Cod area lawn diseases can range from rust and brown patches to dollar spots and mold. Because disease in lawns can be hard to spot and identify, depend on our knowledge and experience to detect any plant, tree, or grass diseases. Once found and fixed with professionally applied disease control products, our Cape Cod lawn care professional can help you adjust your lawn practices to stop future disease issues. Don’t let harmful diseases you can’t see destroy your plants, trees, any other part of your outdoor area. Call us and schedule an examination of your yard.

For professional lawn and plant disease control services you can count on The Lawn Company. We offer free quotes and make scheduling your service easy!

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