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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

For a great looking lawn that is lush green and weed free, you can count on The Cape's Original Lawn Care Company. We opened our doors in 1979 and have an experienced team of lawn care professionals ready to give you the lawn you have always dreamed of.

Fertilization and weed control in Cape Cod

Our lawn care programs are based on a simple approach: great lawns need more than just watering and cutting! In order to maintain a lush green lawn, nutrients are needed to allow the grass to become healthy and strong. The Lawn Company offers the highest quality lawn fertilization services. These services are proven to help your lawn reach the deep green look we all desire. We offer a comprehensive lawn care program designed to provide the right nutrients, in the right quantities, at the right time.

The main component of our premier lawn care program is fertilization. Turf grass, by its nature, is fast growing. That means that it uses nutrients and micro-nutrients from the soil during a regular growing season extremely quickly. If we want to maintain that healthy turf, it requires supplements to be added.

The Lawn Company applications are applied regularly depending on weather conditions. If you don't see visible results within 30 days after an application, let us know! We offer free service calls for your convenience and satisfaction.

Our lawn care program includes the following basic applications:


Spring – March / April

Granular fertilizer with iron; pre-emergent crabgrass control

Late Spring – May / June 

Fertilizer; broadleaf weed control; pre-emergent crabgrass control

Grub Control  May / June

Pre-emergent grub control

Early Summer – June / July

Slow release fertilizer; monitor for broadleaf weeds and insect and disease activity and treat if/as needed

Late Summer – August / September

Slow release fertilizer, spot/treat weeds, monitor insect/disease activity, check for thatch accumulation.

Fall* – September / November

Granular fertilizer; broadleaf weed control, overseed bare or thin areas in lawn

Limestone - 

Limestone application; spot spray weed controls as needed. 

*Core aeration and seeding is an optional service and is highly recommended during September or October


New Nitrogen By-Laws

As some of you may be aware certain Cape towns have passed a set of By-Laws that regulate when and where Nitrogen can be applied. The Lawn Company is proud We have worked with our agronomist as well as a number of different suppliers and are happy to offer a Bio-Nutrient based program designed to capture the existing Nitrogen that is trapped in the soil and decaying thatch. This program will be custom tailored to each individual property based on it’s needs and specific town regulations.

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you would like to discuss this Bio-Nutrient based low Nitrogen program.

Whether the weeds have taken over your lawn or your tired of trying to figure out what you should treat your lawn with each season to make it look amazing, give The Lawn Company a call at 508-398-2366.

We Guarantee You'll Love Our Services!

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our work, we want to know. The Lawn Company will return and provide additional services free of charge until you are 100% satisfied with your lawn or refund the last treatment.

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