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Poison Ivy Spraying

The best way to reduce your exposure to poison ivy in the Cape Coral area is to have your property treated for it. The Lawn Company offers poison ivy spraying services, so you can enjoy the outdoors more.

Poison Ivy control in Cape Cod

Poison Ivy Spraying Service That Keep Everyone Healthy

Poison ivy leaves usually have uneven notches, but sometimes can have smooth edges. The vines have numerous fine hairs, and the leaves fall when the weather gets cold. Poison ivy is dangerous, and our team knows the efficient and prompt method of killing it. We understand that fast control is of extreme importance to you. If you detect you have poison ivy in your yard, arrange poison ivy spraying service with us ASAP. We have the necessary knowledge to identify and safely eliminate noxious plants.

Poison Ivy Spraying

Poison ivy is a very unsafe plant. It can be found growing anywhere, even in the top maintained of properties of Cape Cod. With our poison ivy spraying service, we expertly assess your whole property and locate all poison ivy plants. Our team will begin the poison ivy spraying process, so you can enjoy your yard with your pets, children, family, and friends worry-free. Don't take a chance on getting that awful, itchy, painful rash. Don’t be confined indoors during the warm weather. Contact us and have satisfaction knowing your poison ivy issue will be solved.

Why Poison Ivy Spraying?

A little more information about poison ivy: The vines can grow to up to several hundred feet by sprawling above the ground and budding within your shrubbery, trees, and fences, fastening itself to anything within its reach. Once you realize you have poison ivy in your yard, you should get it sprayed by professionals. That is where our poison ivy spraying service professionals can be of assistance. The briefest touch of a poison ivy leaf with a pet who has run through it, touching clothing, tools, or shoes can cause painful rashes with extreme itching and oozy, water-filled blisters. These can take some time to heal, as well as leaving scars. You might also need to be hospitalized and get shots. Seniors and children can be affected by poison ivy and could require hospitalization. Pets can bring it inside your home in their fur. We can keep everyone safe from this hazardous plant. To manage a huge poison ivy spraying job, it necessitates a certain level of expertise. Our team specializes in spraying poison ivy from thickets, large fields, wooded areas, and infested flower beds, to large vines on trees and other invasive/noxious plants. We cover the entirety of Cape Cod and provide a unique poison ivy spraying service that helps businesses, homeowners, and property managers identify and destroy poison ivy. 

Tired of being exposed to poison ivy on your property and the discomfort that comes with it? Give us a call today to schedule your poison ivy treatment.

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If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our work, we want to know. The Lawn Company will return and provide additional services free of charge until you are 100% satisfied with your lawn or refund the last treatment.

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