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Mosquito Control

Tired of being bitten by mosquitoes every time you go outside your home? With mosquito control services from the The Lawn Company you won't have to worry anymore. We will routinely treat your property so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about those pesky mosquitoes.

Mosquito control service in Cape Cod

Mosquito Control Service That Really Works

Are irritating mosquitoes stopping your family from enjoying quality time outdoors? Are you tired of having barbecues and outdoor parties only to have them ruined by mosquitoes? Are you worried about the increased outbreaks of Encephalitis and West Nile from mosquitoes? We can help you get back your outdoor space. Our Cape Cod mosquito control service will have you liking your outdoors like never before. Our mosquito spraying service is very efficient on mosquitoes. Your home and yard are your sanctuary, your haven from the outside world. You've worked hard to make an environment that your family can enjoy. So, when you want to have fun in your yard, you should be able to do so with absolute comfort.

Expert Mosquito Control

For all that you've put into your property, you shouldn't have to be at the mercy of irritating insects and their awful insect bites. We will successfully eliminate fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and any other biting insects.  There are many benefits of getting our mosquito spraying service:

•    Removes the mosquito population on your property

•    Pinpoints and diminishes mosquito breeding areas on property

•    Reduces exposure to any diseases (Lyme, West Nile Virus, Zika Virus) 

Now you can get your outdoor living area back and enjoy your leisure time all year long. 

Our Process

Upon inspection, we treat your yard entirely by spraying around your home and yard using backpack misting systems to deter and kill mosquitos. It is important to note that this treatment has to be done every 4 to 6 weeks. We also offer suggestions to reduce conditions which encourage infestations. Our home mosquito control service is geared to provide you with a mosquito free environment, period. You can enjoy your outdoor activities once again. You can enjoy summertime fun and dining outdoors, minus the health risks and nuisance of mosquitos. For one-time special event treatments to regularly scheduled ones, we have the mosquito control solution best geared for your lifestyle. When you get rid of adult mosquitos, you limit your home’s exposure to possible harmful diseases, while maintaining the comfort of those beautiful summer days. Our mosquito control service is for summer-long relief or when mosquito populations have reached a level requiring professional help. By using only the safest green products, our crew gets rid of mosquitos from an outdoor area of any size and shape. Ask our mosquito professionals how our service can best fit your needs.

To schedule effective mosquito control services in the Cape Cod area call The Lawn Company at 508-398-2366 today! We offer free quotes and make it easy to schedule your service.

We Guarantee You'll Love Our Services!

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our work, we want to know. The Lawn Company will return and provide additional services free of charge until you are 100% satisfied with your lawn or refund the last treatment.

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