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Tick Control

Make your yard safer for you and your pets with outdoor tick control services from The Lawn Company. We offer free quotes and make it easy to schedule your service.

Flea and tick control service in Cape Cod

Effective Tick Control Service

Our tick control service includes treating your yard (only) for ticks during the active tick season, or any other time you feel you might have a problem with these irritating bugs. When we spray for ticks, it benefits and protects your pets, family, and friends from tick bites. Our visits are at the height of the tick season to eliminate the highest population, thus boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of our tick control treatments.

Tick Prevention

Our spray for ticks yard treatments include a perimeter spray of your yard where ticks are most likely to be discovered, including natural areas, prominent grassy places, and the perimeter of wood lines. You might need tick control service if you answer yes to the following questions:

• Are your pets bothered by ticks?

• Are you concerned about letting your pets outside for worry they will carry these bugs back into your house? 

•Are you worried about the outbreaks of Lyme disease from ticks in your area?

Our Cape Cod tick control treatments bring you contentment and are known to work well, but also safe for your pets and loved ones. Our spraying services will keep ticks out of your lawn. Now you and yours can have fun in the yard without worry about being bitten.

Take Back Your Yard

Most folks understand the aggravations of ticks for dogs, cats, and even human beings. Their bites are itchy and irritating. Their saliva can be an allergen producing rashes. They can bring skin issues when your pet (or you) scratches non-stop. What many people don’t realize is that ticks, in fact, carry diseases. If you have pets, we suggest that you get tick control service at least once a month for an entire year.  

Ready to make your property a safer and healthier place to be by getting rid of the fleas and ticks? Give us a call at 508-398-2366 or request a free quote online.

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